Holding Hands with Ilse

November 14, 2017

February 21, 2017, Lexington Film League Showcase, Lexington, KY

April 19, 2017, Multicultural Film Festival, UMass Amherst

October 9, 2017, Copernicus Center, Chicago, IL

November 2, 2017, Keene State College, Keene, NH



img_0069Just finished editing HOLDING HANDS WITH ILSE (2017) 93 min. The first public screening will be in Lexington, KY on February 21,2017 followed by a screening at the Multicultural Film Festival, UMASS, Amherst, MA on 4/19/17.




There will be a retrospective of Ravett’s films next week on 12/11/14 & 12/12/14 in Indonesia.

Here’s a link for more information: http://ffd.or.id/en/retrospective/

Session One:

1. Everything’s For You (1989) 58′

2. Half Sister (1985) 22′

3. In Memory (1993) 13′

4. The March (1999) 25′

5. From Prague to Poland (2010) 15′

Total: 2’13”

Session Two:

1. Lunch With Fela (2005) 59′

2. What My Father Would Have seen in Poland (2010) 54′

3. A Calming Breeze (1984) 17′

4. Notes For a Polish Jew (2012) 8′

Total: 2’18”


JOYAS VOLADORAS (2014) 7:25, black and white, digital, pays tribute to unheralded musicians whose passion for their art continues to linger in the atmosphere.


Joyas Voladoras (Flying Jewels) screened at the Vienna International Film Festival October 29, 2014.

Holding Hands With Ilsa

October 24, 2014

I’ve started a new film project.  Here’s a profile in a local newspaper.  ilsa and mee1200dpi


Devashish Dey Screening Information


Mount Holyoke College Cleveland L2 3:00pm

Inspired by Jose Arguelles’ book, The Transformative Vision: Reflections on the Nature and History of Human Experience, these 1970’s, 16mm images, reflect Tom Joslin’s interest in perception, human consciousness, and signaled his evolving cinematic explorations fusing non-fiction, experimental and dramatic genres. All the original materials were donated to Hampshire College by Tom’s former student and collaborator, Ken Levin. The unfinished film was constructed by Hampshire College Professor, Abraham Ravett and Hampshire College alums, Ben Balcom and Sam Shapiro.